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Jan 26 2012

Gross Happiness

gross happiness

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A job is whatever is offered by an employer to applicants while using the appropriate skills. That is a simplest equation that explains finding and landing onto job. But we now have a highly-competitive job market that people with skills beyond the minimum requirements will be the first to get implemented. Unemployment rates soar especially in the third world.
So how might the average citizen handle such a situation?
Does one notice how kids are already in a rat race? There used to be a time when grade the school studies were practically “child’s play”. Kids were then not pressured to read about and learn lessons that seem like doctoral studies. They were simple arithmetic exercises which were fun to solve. Humanities subjects had been choral singing or oral reading of stories that will sent kids to fairyland. Past generations were learning with happy environments.
Nowadays, kids are burdened using thick textbooks even at the tender age of 90 years. The serious ones save money time on books, computers and online research as if they were already while on an employment. They smile less and tend to be nervous quite often. Many of them improve stress-related ailments, such as asthma, which seldom suffering kids from previous many years. You see kids fidgeting in advance of periodic long exams and they act like job people queuing for interview along with the big boss. It is such a sad and worrisome sight.
With what we see within our kids today, we cannot help but wonder how their kids will look like when it is their turn for the preparation with the almighty job. And how will our little ones cope with their bringing up a child given the hectic together with almost-always-nervous foundation they integrated preparation for the race toward getting their own personal jobs? The spouses may not be much help as definitely, they will have undergone the identical high-pressure rigid training.
There is a movement in certain sectors inside general direction of trying to keep happy environments in educational institutions, the workplace and the community in general. But there are very few of these kind of educators, psychologists and sociologists talking working “smart”, not hard, in the workplace. In school, they do it just by incorporating right-brain activities in the curriculum and providing a smaller amount formal and rigid studying environments. Communities benefit from cleanliness and environment-consciousness such as creating green and happy environments.
The problem about a lot of these “new” environments is quite possibly very expensive since needed particular infrastructure and tools to obtain implemented. It would be preferred if governments will subsidise an important part if not all of these costs. After all, their children, grandchildren and they themselves will potentially benefit from such development.
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